It has been a year of change. We are feeling pretty optimistic that this summer will feel a bit more ‘normal’ (if somewhat modified), with the COVID-19 vaccination rate in this province going up. We are sure looking forward to in-person networking again!

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered many adjustments in the way we do business at Ag-West Bio. Next week, our annual meeting will be a hybrid event. A small group (board, staff and presenters) will gather at Innovation Place, with the majority of participants tuning in online. The topic is The Power of Partnerships: building an agri-value ecosystem in Saskatchewan. Read more about the topic and speaker lineup and be sure to join us for the event!

The pandemic led to a lot of creative thinking, which in turn led to new initiatives: New training programs through the ABIC Foundation (Beyond Entrepreneurship: Building an Agri-Value Business), the new ABIC Speaker Series (be sure to join our Fall 2021 ABIC event with Dr. Jennifer Doudna, Nobel Prize winning, co-inventor of CRISPR!)

Two brand new online resources are being launched: Sask Agrisource is a website containing a database of over 600 organizations with Saskatchewan activities; and the AWB StartUP Platform, an online tool for entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of building agri-value companies. Watch for more information!

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