Ag-West Bio invests in early-stage, Saskatchewan-based technology companies in the areas of sustainable crop production, food ingredients and processing, health, environment, biofuels and bioproducts.
temple therapeutics


AdeTherapeutics technology has been in-licensed by Temple Therapeutics. It uses a novel mechanism of action in wound healing to prevent or reduce surgical scarring. The products add significant value to patients, surgeons and potentially reduce costly hospital readmissions due to adhesion-related complications. The opportunity is to set standard of care and be the preferred choice for surgeons to prevent adhesions in gynaecology, general surgery, neurosurgery and ophthalmology.

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Agrisoma Biosciences

Agrisoma Biosciences develops and sells seed for a crop called Brassica carinata – a non-food, industrial oilseed that delivers high-quality oil that is ideal for use in the biofuel industry, and high-quality protein that is used as animal feed. Agrisoma has commercialized elite lines of this crop under the brand name Resonance carinata.

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mulitgen diagnostics

Bio-ID (Multigen Diagnostics)

Bio-ID Diagnostic affiliate company, MultiGEN Diagnostics, develops assays addressing the technical limitations in providing accurate comprehensive clinical information for better patient care. In doing so, MultiGEN has modified the “Gold Standard’ Sanger sequencing chemistry. Presently, MultiGEN has six modified chemistry platforms. Based on combinations of these platforms, novel assays are developed in the areas of infectious diseases, oncology, pharmacogenomics, and drug development/personalized medicine.

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BioWave Aqua Solutions

BioWave is part of the Enviroway Group of Companies. EnviroWay’s research and development team works hand in hand with scientists, engineers, and communities around the world and is dedicated to bringing innovative, eco-friendly, microbial solutions for bioaugmentation and application in the fields of industrial, commercial, and municipal wastewater management. These solutions aim to replace the conventional use of chemicals and costly mechanical practices, while presenting a cost effective and safe natural technology.

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Ecobain Gardens

Ecobain Gardens provides its customers with truly fresh, locally grown produce through Saskatoon’s cold, long winters. Produce is grown hydroponically in a 6000 sq ft building, using a special lighting system which allows plants to thrive indoors, stacked from the floor to the roof. The farm is closed off from outside weather conditions, insects, dust, spray drift, and all of the other issues a farmer can face throughout the growing year.

In 2019, the company became a licensed cannabis nursery and rebranded as Mother Labs Inc. 

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Intelliconn provides farmers with wirless connectivity and remote monitoring and control. In addition, their grain data and analysis platform provides automated grain sample aquisition, digitization and value optimization for producers, grain buyers and other along the commodity chain.

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Northern Vigor Berries

Northern Vigor Berries grows organic seabuckthorn berries and leaves that reach wholesale markets in not only the food industry, but the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical and pet industries. Seabuckthorn has 190 bioactive chemicals including Vitamin C, E, K, beta carotene, unsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids and flavonoids. There is almost a perfect 1:1 ratio of omegas 3 and 6 in the seed, there are 28 trace elements including magnesium, calcium and zinc, and the pulp has high levels of omega 7 which has clinically been proven to help mucous linings of the body and may help fight weight gain. The leaves are high in antioxidants, shown to boost immunity and reduce stress. On retail shelves, under the brand name nvigorate, our offerings include organically certified seabuckthorn berries, tea leaves, purée, smoothies pops, apple cider and seabuckthorn vinegar, spread and syrup. The organic berry purée is also found in fruit leather, chocolates, gelato and sorbet.

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prairie tide

Prairie Tide Diversified

Prairie Tide now offers commercial products that utilize all flaxseed fractions and components, not just molecular components of its oil. By developing these value-added products Prairie Tide is helping to expand the flaxseed grower’s market, the company is creating products that benefit consumer health and wellbeing, and doing so in a responsible manner that utilizes all byproducts of flaxseed processing.

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Proteus Waters

Proteus Waters offers ready-to-use solutions for wastewater treatment that are pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, self-contained, transportable, and turn-key. The packaged system is designed for rapid deployment as either temporary or permanent installations. Together with the operations and management support provided by affiliate company Ecolibra Systems, this endeavour marks an evolution in wastewater management and water and nutrient recovery.

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quantum genetix

Quantum Genetix

Quantum is a leader in applying genetic information to livestock management. Quantum began operations in 2003, diversified to crop testing in 2009 and achieved ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for detection of Triffid Flax in 2011. Quantum uses customer-driven demand to develop new technologies for the farm. The focus is on technologies that drive efficiency, create wealth and are simple to implement and use, and providing international quality and technical standards in laboratory testing.

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smart earth

Smart Earth Camelina

Smart Earth Camelina is the leading global camelina enterprise. The company’s plant-breeding program provides a continuous pipeline of trait development to ensure maximum yield and profitability for its growers. Smart Earth also processes its camelina into excellent quality meal and oil products for livestock, pets, aquaculture and other markets.

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