Project Ribbon, a value-added agribusiness attraction strategy, is preparing the Saskatoon Region for large-scale investment. Led by SREDA, Project Ribbon has been guided by a stakeholder group of representatives from across government and industry organizations. With a new Phase Two report released today, the strategy builds on the Region’s existing strengths in agriculture to help attract major agribusiness.

“This project is all about ensuring we are investment ready,” said Alex Fallon, SREDA President and CEO. “We already have the agriculture inputs, so we want to attract companies that process and add value to these commodities. There’s no better place for them to invest in a facility than the Saskatoon Region. I am confident that one day in the future, there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new agribusiness development in the Saskatoon Region, and releasing the Phase Two Project Ribbon report means we’re one step closer to making that day a reality.”

Project Ribbon supports the Government of Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan goal of increasing the province’s agri-food exports to $20 billion by 2030 and growing the value of exports by 50 per cent.

Phase One of Project Ribbon determined which areas in the Saskatoon Region were better prepared to attract agribusiness development. Completed in 2019, Phase One’s location analysis identified key areas in the RM’s of Blucher, Corman Park and Vanscoy as being further ahead than others. Phase Two of Project Ribbon analyzed the estimated costs of bringing key utility services and upgrades to each of the three nodes identified in Phase One, thereby helping to facilitate business analysis decisions.

“The Saskatoon Region is the ideal place for businesses that want to process and add value to Saskatchewan’s wide variety of agriculture commodities. Project Ribbon will help us market the Region to the world and attract investment that creates local jobs and grows our economy,” said Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark.


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