We live in interesting times. We’re bombarded with anxiety-inducing news about the rapid spread of COVID-19, discord over climate change, and political uncertainty making global markets bounce like a yoyo (much like the weather!).

Uninteresting times are much easier to deal with: calm, peaceful, predictable.

Possibly thanks to the sunshine today, I’m feeling optimistic. I believe challenges make society move forward. Science is the key. Scientists are creative thinkers who use the scientific method—deliberate, methodical data gathering—to fully understand problems and deliver evidence-based solutions for the world’s most difficult challenges. We are fortunate to have many such brilliant people here in our research cluster.

A few examples:
The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac) was awarded $1 million to back their efforts toward a vaccine for COVID-19. The Global Institute for Food Security works to understand many aspects of the systems we use to feed ourselves, from the complex interactions of soils and crop roots, to how society accepts new technologies. At the University of Saskatchewan’s Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence, researchers are looking for the truth about what impact beef cattle have on the environment. Scroll down to read articles on these topics.

On another optimistic note: We are inviting experts to explore the positive impact of various agricultural technologies on the climate. Join us for conversations about energy sources, crop development, precision agriculture and livestock science. Details to come! In the meantime, be sure to mark June 25th on your calendar for this Ag-West Bio event.

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