It’s been quite the spring.

For some of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has simply been inconvenient, really just a break in routine. For others, it has been devastating. Businesses have been disrupted, companies have closed their doors, some permanently. People haven’t been able to be with elderly or sick loved ones. Graduation ceremonies have been cancelled and weddings held online. Life has changed forever.

At Ag-West Bio we know that we are fortunate. As an organization mandated to help small businesses, we will adjust our workplan to fit this new reality. We will do more online to replace in-person networking events. We can be of service to entrepreneurs and small companies who need information and advice on how to deal with changes and new hurdles caused by the pandemic.

Saskatchewan research organizations have important roles in dealing with the pandemic. VIDO-InterVac continues its exhausting effort to develop a vaccine. The Canadian Light Source has devoted its full facility to COVID-19 research. Local distillers switched gears to manufacture hand sanitizers when supplies were low. ZYUS Life Sciences is working with VIDO-InterVac to test plant-produced antigens in a vaccine for COVID-19. Saskatchewan companies have showed their tenacity, making adjustments and adapting to a new way of doing business.

There is life outside of COVID. Our Annual Meeting, coming up on June 25th has moved online, with the theme Transformative Technology for a Changing World: Exploring the role of agriculture in mitigating climate change. We are really looking forward to hearing our invited experts talk about crop and livestock research as well as energy sources. An exciting aspect of hosting this event online is that we have people registered from around the world.

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