VeriGrain is an innovative startup based in Saskatoon that has developed a high-tech system for managing grain samples, allowing farmers to accurately sample, analyze and trace their grain, “making every bushel count,” says CEO Ken Jackson.

The company recently won an award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) for its AccuSample™ ULTRA MT.

In the high-tech world of agriculture, many farmers still sample their grain using “a scoop on a stick,” according to Jackson. But collecting an accurate sample is crucial to determining the value of the product as it works its way through the value chain, and for protecting the product in storage.

“No one else has the holistic digital information solution that VeriGrain has developed,” says Jackson.

VeriGrain’s AccuSample™ ULTRA MT easily attaches to swing augers, baggers, dryers, and other grain-handling equipment to give you the information you need. It automatically takes grain samples, ensuring they are representative – so the analysis is accurate and trusted. It also measures the moisture and temperature while sampling and sends a spoilage alert via email and text. The detailed moisture data can also be used to optimize blending. The ULTRA MT interacts with the VeriGrain app via Bluetooth to create and track grain sample information and calculate the optimal sampling interval.

The AE50 Awards are sponsored by the American Society of Agriculture and Biological Engineers and celebrate product innovations in the areas of agriculture, food and biological systems. An expert panel of engineers selects the award-winning products, which are deemed those ranked highest in innovation, significant engineering advancement and impact on the market served.

“This is a prestigious award that we’re thrilled to win and a confirmation of the importance of VeriGrain to the agriculture sector,” says Jackson.

VeriGrain also received an AE50 award in 2022, followed by the Davidson Award, which is given to the top three AE50 awardees. The other two winners were John Deere and AGCO. In addition to these awards, VeriGrain has received several national and regional awards and nominations for the most innovative new product with a significant impact on agriculture.


Thank you to VeriGrain for supplying this article and photo. 


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