Ag in the Classroom Saskatchewan (AITC-SK) partners with the agriculture and education communities to connect kids and agriculture. AITC-SK delivers innovative and experiential programs (Little Green Thumbs, Biotech Blast, AG Adventure, etc.) and provides free, curriculum-based resources (Saskatchewan Seed Kit, What's Growing Around Us? book, etc.) to teach students about where their food comes from so future generations will understand that our farmers work hard to produce good, safe and healthy food. 

AITC-SK has a vision of a Saskatchewan community that understands, appreciates and respects agriculture. AITC-SK's mission is to connect kids and agriculture through innovative, experiential and curriculum-based programs and resources.

AITC wants students to:

  • Know where their food comes from
  • Recognize the importance of agriculture in our daily lives
  • Think critically about information they are exposed to
  • Understand the importance of science and technology in sustainably producing food
  • Appreciate farmers and their care for the land and animals
  • Be inspired to consider a career in agriculture

AITC-SK promises to:

  • Provide accurate, balanced, current and science-based information on agriculture.
  • Be a bridge between the agriculture and education communities, connecting students with people responsible for producing their food.
  • Create opportunities for student's to explore their personal connection to agriculture.
  • Support teachers with curriculum-linked resources that engage students in learning.
  • Facilitate innovative, experiential and memorable learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.
  • Provide inquiry-based tools for teachers that enable students to make more informed decisions related to food and agriculture.
  • Connect agriculture industry professionals with students, providing real-life exposure to agricultural careers.

Did you know Ag in the Classroom Saskatchewan is a registered charity?

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