Sprouting Success is a partnership between Affinity Credit Union, Ag-West Bio and the Global Agri-food Advancement Partnership (GAAP)

The 2023 Sprouting Success Series features four events across the province aimed to bring Saskatchewan producers together to highlight innovation in agriculture. These events give producers an opportunity to discuss real farm challenges, share knowledge, talk about ground-breaking solutions and collaborate to reduce barriers to adopting innovation.

The premier event on January 13th called Agricultural Innovation through the Generations, was held at the Crop Production Show in Saskatoon. The attendees heard a keynote by Curtis de Gooijer from Bourgault Industries, along with a panel discussion from Janel and Maurice Delage and Tyler and John Burns. We had a packed room of farmers and industry experts learning about the innovations at Bourgault, and the panels exciting discussion about their own farms. The program was followed by a prime rib dinner and a fun casino event.

We are thrilled to announce our second event, Ag Innovation through Progressive Practices at the Harvest Eatery Shaunavon, SK on April 5, 2023. We will have a panel discussion with Tyler Wilson from Tpot Farms Ltd., Aaron Fahselt, F4 Agronomy, and Cody Glenn, Southline Ag. We are holding this event in southern Saskatchewan to bring together farmers in this region to discuss the issues and progressive practices that may help solve them.

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