Today, Agriculture Minister David Marit proclaimed September 24 to 30, 2023, as Global Biotech Week in Saskatchewan. This week brings awareness to the province’s achievements and celebrates the benefits of biotechnology, including in the agriculture sector.

“With our government’s investment in agricultural biotechnology, we support the vital work needed to enhance crop and livestock production, improve sustainability, and address global food security concerns,” Marit said. “All of Saskatchewan benefits from a leading agriculture sector, and we are pleased to see the continued growth of ag biotech in our province.”

Agricultural biotechnology equips Saskatchewan producers to continuously improve upon productivity and management practices, resulting in higher yields and product quality. Approximately one-third of Canada’s agricultural biotechnology sector is in Saskatchewan and institutes here are leaders in the field of crop breeding, genetics and genomics.

The Government of Saskatchewan supports agricultural research through a variety of programs and initiatives. This includes a $38 million commitment to agricultural research for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

“Research is crucial for the advancement of agriculture, and key to sustainability,” Ag-West Bio President and CEO Karen Churchill said. “This province is leading the way in this area. Saskatchewan technology led to zero-till agriculture and resulting carbon capture in soil. We are diversifying crops and increasing the acreage of nitrogen-fixing pulses; and we are creating innovative uses for agriculture co-products. These are just a few examples. Saskatchewan has a lot to celebrate during Global Biotech Week.”

Ag-West Bio coordinates activities across the province to mark Global Biotech Week. Members of the public are encouraged to check out several activities planned this week to showcase the province’s bioeconomy, including how science benefits agriculture. A full list of this year’s events, including several in Saskatoon and online, are available at


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