Commercial production of Resonance AAC A100 launched; expanded testing program announced across Canada and US

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. has successfully launched the commercial production of Resonance™ Energy Feedstock in western Canada. The first variety of this Brassica carinata – Resonance AAC A100 – is under commercial production with more than 40 growers across southern Saskatchewan and southern Alberta. Additionally, Agrisoma has established an expanded testing program with over 40 research trials across the three Prairie provinces, Montana and the western Dakotas.

These trials are focused on next-generation variety testing, crop protection product evaluation and agronomic characteristic enhancements, among other attributes. “We’ve experienced significant interest in Resonance Energy Feedstock from participants across the entire value chain – from growers through to airlines – which we feel is a reflection of the viability of Resonance brand carinata as a sustainable source of biofuel,” said Patrick Crampton, Vice President Business and Product Development for Agrisoma.

“We look forward to working closely with this year’s commercial growers throughout the season, as well as learning from our extensive 2012 trialing program. This will provide valuable insight as we continue to enhance the oil profile and yield of Resonance Energy Feedstock.”

Many Federal and Provincial organizations have played a role in bringing this crop to market. Resonance AAC A100 was developed in collaboration with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Mustard 21 as a high-yielding industrial oilseed mustard well-suited to production in the drier regions of the southern Prairies. Agrisoma has partnered with Paterson Grain for the commercial contracting and distribution of Resonance Energy Feedstock.

Additionally, the Genome Prairie “Prairie Gold” project (funded by Enterprise Saskatchewan, under the provisions of the Canada-Saskatchewan Western Economic Development Partnership Agreement) and Sustainable Development Technology Canada contribute financial support for the agronomic characteristic enhancement technology that aided the carinata crop development. Media contact:

About Agrisoma Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. is a private agricultural biotechnology company using its proprietary Engineered Trait Loci (ETL) technology to commercialize a suite of industry-leading oil quality and crop improvement traits for use in energy feedstock crops. For further information about Agrisoma, its technology, collaborations and partnerships, please visit: Resonance is a trademark of Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. All other trademarks are those of their respective companies. (From a July 9, 2012 press release.)  


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