by Lorne Hepworth

Canadians have access to one of the safest and most abundant food supplies in the world.

All crops, including those that have been genetically modified, are subject to Canada's strict regulatory standards that ensure Canadians have access to one of the safest food supplies in the world.

Extensive safety reviews are completed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada to ensure all products are safe for people, animals, plants and the environment before they are approved.

GM crops enjoy a remarkable food safety record, having been cultivated for well over a decade and eaten by billions of people worldwide. In fact, regulatory agencies around the world, as well as highly regarded international organizations like the World Health Organization, have all endorsed the safety of GM crops.

GM crops are an important example of modern agricultural solutions that are federally regulated and have been proven safe to eat. Consumers have a choice at the grocery store, but they should feel confident whether they choose foods derived from GM crops or organic products.

This letter was published in the Delta Optimist on October 31, 2012. Republished with permission from the author.


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