Saskatoon, SK: Ag-West Bio, Saskatchewan’s bioscience industry association, has been a catalyst and connector for the bioeconomy since 1989. On June 27th at our annual meeting, we are hosting an event focused on protein entitled More Beans Please? Solving the Protein Puzzle. 

Protein is the current dietary buzzword. It seems that plant-based protein is in style, while meat is out of style. Some claim that animal agriculture is detrimental to the environment; others say animals can turn inedible plant material into healthy protein for humans. Alternate types of proteins are also making their way into the market: insects are getting attention as a good source of protein, and synthetic (cultured) meats are being developed in labs.

What is a consumer to think? There are so many questions. What protein options are available today? Is one form better than another nutritionally? Why do some vegetarians want meat-like products? How bad is animal agriculture for the planet – or is it bad? Will the world need all these options to feed a growing global population? What does the science say? How much of this is just marketing? 

We have invited the following experts to answer some of these questions: 

Robert Tyler Professor, Food and Bioproduct Sciences, University of Saskatchewan; acting Chief Technical Officer, Protein Industries Canada: Plants for Protein
Deborah Wilson – Senior Vice President, BIXSco Inc: No Beef with Beef
Kelly Hagen Chief Operating Officer, Enotomo Farms: Crickets as an Alternative Protein: Canada Leads the Way
Matthew Anderson-BaronCo-founder, Lead Scientist, Future Fields: Frankenmeat: Cellular Agriculture and The Future of Food
Gordon ZelloProfessor of Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan: Canada’s Food Guide: Where differing protein sources fit for a healthy diet 

The event is free, and everyone is welcome to attend. The formal presentations will be followed by a networking event featuring protein dishes from many different sources – including roasted and spiced crickets! 

More Beans Please? Solving the Protein Puzzle
Thursday, June 27, 2019
Staybridge Suites: 1838 College Drive East, Saskatoon SK
2:00 pm – Annual Meeting 
2:45 pm – Program 
4:15 pm – Networking Reception

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