Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada recently launched a new web application that allows people to get accurate yield forecasts in one place for in-season crops based on the most recent statistics. 
This user-friendly tool brings together key data on interactive maps in an easy to understand way. Information on weather, pests and risk conditions (drought, diseases, etc.), from reliable sources show how these conditions affect crop growth. The application features crop yield estimates for barley, canola, corn, durum wheat, flaxseed, lentil, oat, pea, soybean, spring wheat and winter wheat. 
Yield forecasts are adjusted throughout the growing season, taking into account changing environmental conditions. It is a great tool for farmers, agronomists and economists wanting to know:
  • current harvest yield forecasts, including local production averages;
  • historical yields; and
  • production trends from previous years. 
This tool compares production to previous years and local production averages but does not contain farm specific information. 
Armed with this knowledge, users will have the power to determine if they need to tweak their practices or shift resources to reduce inefficiencies and minimize losses. It is also a great planning tool for those involved in transportation or brokering commodities. 
The data is compiled from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (including the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network), Environment and Climate Change Canada, Statistics Canada and provincial governments. 
To use this new crop metrics tool, visit the website


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