The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. (Food Centre) is very pleased to announce AWESOME, a new programming initiative that focuses on the business development needs of women entrepreneurs in the food and agri-food processing sectors.

Women entrepreneurs make a significant impact on Canada’s economy however it could be far greater! Today, approximately 16% of Canadian businesses are owned or led by women. Research shows that women, who are under-represented in many sectors of the nation’s business economy, have the potential to add billions of dollars to the GDP. One area where women are under-represented is in food and agri-food processing. In response to this circumstance, the Saskatchewan Food Centre has taken a proactive outlook and has developed a program that focuses on the potential of women entrepreneurs.

AWESOME (Advancing Women Entrepreneurs through Skill Development, Opportunity identification, Manufacturing support and Export marketing) is designed for women entrepreneurs at all levels of their business development; from start-up to expansion; from processing to packaging; and from local markets to international export ventures. AWESOME will offer customized business development consulting, skill development training, coaching and networking for women entrepreneurs located in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. The AWESOME program will work collaboratively with other like-minded organizations and agencies in order to enrich and expand the current network of services that are available for women in business across the prairies.

The AWESOME Program, which is housed and managed by the Food Centre, welcomes Kim Sanderson as the Agri-Food Business Consultant who will work directly with women business owners as they build, grow and expand their food processing business ventures. Kim Sanderson comes to the AWESOME Program with a background in agri-food industry consumer marketing and with many years of experience in business consulting.

The AWESOME Program is made possible by Western Economic Diversification Canada through the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy Ecosystem Fund. The Alberta Food Processing Development Centre and the Manitoba Food Development Centre are partners in the implementation of the AWESOME program.

More information on the AWESOME Program is available at


Shannon Hood-Niefer
VP Innovation and Technology
Saskatchewan Food Centre
Phone (306) 964-1819

Kim Sanderson
Agri-Food Business Consultant
Saskatchewan Food Centre
Phone (306) 221-4493


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