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Ag-West Bio is pleased to announce that we are bringing Mark Lynas to Saskatoon to deliver a public lecture on September 24th at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon, SK. His talk, entitled: “OMG! GMO! Sustainable agriculture: GMOs, organic, and how to feed the world” will be part of National Biotechnology Week (Sept. 20-27th). A panel will be on hand to help answer questions and add to the discussion following Mark's presentation. Details here. September 24, 2013 7:00 pm Broadway Theatre 715 Broadway Ave. Saskatoon, SK This event is free and no registration is required (rush seating).  

About Mark Lynas: Mark Lynas is an environmental author and campaigner. His most recent book is The God Species, tracing how humanity must respect the Earth's biosphere to keep the planet habitable. His previous two books, Six Degrees and High Tide, focused on global warming. He was until recently advisor to the President of the Maldives, as well as being a visiting research associate at Oxford University's School of Geography and the Environment.

Lynas was a young journalist in the early ‘90s and helped to spur the anti-GM movement. As a speaker at the Oxford Farming Conference January 3, 2013, Mark Lynas caused a stir with a presentation that was essentially an apology to the bioscience community for damage he may have caused as an environmental activist. In his talk, Lynas said that he realized that what he had been doing was wrong – that he now understands biotechnology and genetic modification are important tools that can be used to benefit society and the environment.

Why did he change his mind? He says although it didn't happen overnight, the answer is fairly simple: “I discovered science, and in the process I hope I became a better environmentalist.” He says that after being questioned about his lack of scientific knowledge of genetic modification, he did his homework and discovered that once “cherished beliefs” were little more than urban myths. An engaging speaker, Mark has been invited to various universities and conferences around the world to deliver his message. Visit Mark's blog Saskatchewan Biotech Week events   National event website  


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