The Global Institute for Food Security’s 2018 Emerging Technologies for Global Food Security conference will be held in Saskatoon June 19-21, 2018. The conference brings together pre-eminent researchers, thinkers, and policy makers from the developed and developing world to discuss technologies pertinent to developing world agriculture. 

The conference will feature close to 50 presentations and panel discussions to share innovative knowledge, creative technology, and critical connections we need to address the issue of global food security. 

Our distinguished guest list includes Canadian journalist, commenter and author Rex Murphy, who will lead a public debate on the topic of Agriculture and Climate Change and speak at the Gala Dinner. Other special guests include Her Excellency Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, president of the Republic of Mauritius; Professor Giles Oldroyd of the University of Cambridge; Ed Buckler from Cornell University; and Dame Anne Glover from the University of Aberdeen.

This is the second Emerging Technologies for Global Food Security conference. The first, held in 2016, was a great success. The event featured 47 speakers from 25 countries, and attracted over 340 scientists, students, policy analysts, representatives of producer groups and trade associations, as well as managers and leaders from industry, government, and academia. In addition, the conference was live-streamed to over 2,000 individuals from 42 countries. 

Visit the conference website for more information. 


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