In an effort to enhance the public perception of canola, SaskCanola, alongside Alberta Canola and Manitoba Canola Growers, has launched a new campaign called Hello Canola.

This initiative is a national market development program aimed at transforming Canadian consumers’ apathy towards canola into admiration. This campaign is a strategic investment to educate and engage Canadians about the value of canola, emphasizing its diverse uses, health benefits, and contribution to the Canadian economy.

Hello Canola stems from a recognized need among Prairie canola groups to unify their efforts in promoting canola on a national level. Leadership of these groups identified the necessity for a joint outreach initiative targeting Canadian consumers. This realization led to a collaboration with FleishmanHillard HighRoad, a public relations agency, to develop the concept and strategy for Hello Canola. The campaign originally began with establishing an online presence through a domain name and an introductory website. This site features the Hello Canola character, a spokesperson embodying the persona of “Canadian Canola”, who engages with Canadians on the streets of Toronto to gauge their knowledge and perceptions of canola.

The overarching goal of Hello Canola is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of canola among Canadians. Currently, 90 percent of Canada’s canola is exported, leaving potential for growth in the domestic market. The campaign organizers recognize that increasing awareness and dispelling misconceptions about canola oil are critical steps toward long-term market development. By emphasizing canola’s Canadian roots and its diverse uses, the campaign aims to instill a sense of pride and preference for canola oil among Canadian consumers.

SaskCanola’s investment in Hello Canola reflects its commitment to market development. As a Commission solely funded by farmer levy dollars, one of SaskCanola’s mandates is to run market development programs. This campaign exemplifies their proactive approach in fulfilling this responsibility, leveraging their resources and partnerships to create a meaningful impact. The dedication of a staff member from each provincial organization to the program underscores the collaborative effort and the importance placed on this initiative. SaskCanola’s involvement in Hello Canola is a testament to their strategic vision and dedication to advancing the canola industry.

Hello Canola is more than just a marketing campaign; it is a strategic investment by SaskCanola and its partners to reshape public perception and promote the diverse benefits of canola in our everyday lives. By addressing misconceptions, educating consumers and fostering a sense of pride in canola as a Canadian product, the campaign aims to create a lasting impact that ensures a bright future for canola growers in Canada.

Thank you to SaskCanola for submitting the article and photos.

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