Genome Prairie is a non-profit organization that supports stakeholders across Manitoba and Saskatchewan in capturing and maximizing the benefits of advanced research in genomics and related biosciences. This role is achieved by aligning the partners and resources needed to develop and manage targeted projects addressing regional priorities. Genome Prairie also enables participation among regional researchers in Genome Canada’s competitive granting process for large-scale projects. 

Genome Prairie is pleased to release to the public its 2020-2021 annual report and its new five-year strategic plan (2021-2025)

Genome Prairie 2020-2021 online annual report
Genomics is the doorway to yet unimagined potential for healthcare, agriculture, and the environment. Genome Prairie, in partnership with Genome Canada, is leading researchers into this new frontier of scientific research. Manitoba and Saskatchewan are fostering world calibre genomics research that is fundamental to all Canadians. Genome Prairie plays a pivotal role in advancing genomics research through facilitating collaborations in projects, promoting awareness of research undertakings, and aligning partners and resources.

To download Genome Prairie’s 2020-2021 Online Annual Report please click on HERE

Genome Prairie's 2021-2025 strategic plan
Genome Prairie is committed to ensuring genomics benefits and sustainable impacts for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, nationally and globally across the board.

To download Genome Prairie’s new 5-Year Strategic Plan (2021-2025) please click HERE.



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