Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan is calling on passionate farmers and agri-businesses to be a part of a new, landmark event.

Scheduled for August 10 and 11, 2024, Saskatchewan Open Farm Days promises an immersive experience, offering a unique blend of educational, culinary, and hands-on agricultural engagements.

This innovative, province-wide event aims to bridge the gap between consumers and the origins of their food. Drawing inspiration from successful models in other Canadian regions, Open Farm Days is crafted to serve as an incubator for agritourism and rural sustainability. In its pilot year, Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan is set to collaborate with farms, the local food chain, and agritourism operators to curate a diverse array of experiences. Consumers will be invited to check out the rich tapestry of production practices across the province and celebrate local farm products through memorable farm-to-table culinary events.

Open Farm Days goals:

  1. Connect with local farmers and producers and engage the public about how food is produced
  2. Discover the many local products and experience the diversity of farms operating in Saskatchewan
  3. Create an environment for development of consistent agricultural and culinary tourism products

This is an exceptional platform to showcase the authenticity and richness of Saskatchewan’s agricultural heritage. Participating farms will have the opportunity to present an authentic snapshot of their day-to-day operations, products, and the hard work that goes into farming and food production.

Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan is proud to partner with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism Saskatchewan on this event. This is a unique opportunity to align with a movement that champions the growth and development of agriculture and tourism in Saskatchewan. Sponsors will gain significant exposure and the chance to authentically connect with both residents and visitors, telling Saskatchewan’s story through the tastebuds and experiences of a diverse audience. The event will provide broad visibility but also a chance to be part of a narrative that shapes the future of agritourism and rural sustainability in the region.

“Join us in making the inaugural Saskatchewan Open Farm Days a resounding success. Let’s celebrate Saskatchewan’s agricultural heritage. Come meet your rural neighbors and savor the flavors of local farm-fresh products together!”

~ Clinton Monchuk, Executive Director, Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan

Registration for farms and businesses to participate will be open until May 31, 2024. Businesses and farms are welcome to register at


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