Chair: Sanj Singh, President & CEO, AdeTherapeutics Inc.

What This multi-disciplinary committee promotes our City’s science/technology-based businesses and bridges the gap between the science and business communities. It achieves this through education and the promotion of productive and interactive events, meetings and presentations involving Chamber members, government, industry and academia.

Why Innovation is at the core of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship drives economic growth, creates new companies, increases employment and raises the standard of living for all. Uncertainties around how to fuel, feed and heal the world are being exacerbated by growing concerns about the sustainability of public debt amidst the low growth of some advanced economies. The key to long term economic growth is through disruptive innovation which is rooted in science and technology. Breakthrough innovation is not just important to the business community. The quality of life that we are accustomed to, financially and socially, is dependent on growth. In short, growing science and technology based businesses increases the economic pie.

When The Committee meets the first Thursday of every month at 3:00pm at the Chamber office downtown.

Who The Committee currently is made up of people representing the various science and technology sectors, the business community, and academia including but not limited to: Ag-West Bio, Canadian Light Source, Deloitte, Genome Prairie, MNP, SIAST, University of Saskatchewan students, University of Saskatchewan ILO. We welcome those who share in the same mission to contact us at the Chamber, Kayla Brien, T:(306)244-2151 or via e-mail: You can also follow us on SaskatoonConnected, the social networking site at the Chamber:

2012 Focus

‘Why Health Innovation Matters’ the committee has dedicated itself to spearhead an initiative that focuses on health innovation. Its first event at the Willows on May 24th features former Cleveland Clinic physicians, Dr. Michael Kelly (now at the U of S) and Dr. David Fiorella (now at Stony Brook Medical Center, NY). Their talk will focus on:

Translating Discoveries into Business Opportunities. Both speakers have extensive backgrounds in establishing leading edge research facilities and will discuss opportunities and benefits created using resources here in Saskatoon to form a Translational Research Institute.

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