BioTalent Canada provides companies with access to valuable HR tools and programs. Two of these are National Compensation Guide, and the PetriDish™ job board. 


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Attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge. Knowing compensation practices within your market keeps you a step ahead.
Ag-West Bio is pleased to offer a 25% discount on BioTalent Canada’s 2017-2018 National Compensation Guide to all our members in good standing. 
To request your discount code, please contact Jackie Robin at or 306-668-2656.
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About BioTalent Canada’s National Compensation Guide
The guide is a review of 34 of the most popular job functions within the Canadian bio-economy. It consists of job descriptions and the experience, skills and education required to effectively function in the role. Furthermore, it provides an accurate overview of the salaries and benefits that are typical with those occupations. 

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The PetriDish™ is Canada’s only national bilingual biotechnology job board. With over 500 biotech employers it is the place to find the career that is right for you.
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