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Ag-West Bio in partnership with BioTalent Canada is pleased to offer a Compensation Guide, providing a national review of 32 of the most popular job functions within the Canadian bio-economy. It consists of job descriptions and experience, the skills and education required to effectively function in the role, and an overview of the salaries and benefits.

With this data, you can benchmark your compensation packages to remain competitive.


Get the Knowledge to Attract and Retain Top Talent:

•    Gain access to industry-standard compensation practices in the bio-economy
•    Benchmark your compensation packages against the market
•    Benefit from market intelligence to retain top talent and reduce turnover
•    Tap in to market knowledge to hire with confidence
•    Get affordable bio-economy specific compensation data

The Compensation Guide Gives You:

•    32 top skills profiles in Canada’s bio-economy
•    Description of job functions
•    Professional experience, competencies and education required per job function
•    Salary and benefits data

List Price: $515

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