Anyone involved in the agriculture industry has likely stumbled across an article about Biologicals recently. From ag-input giants acquiring biological startups, to regulatory hurdles and mixed farmer perception – there is no doubt there is a lot of Buzz around Biologicals.  

Agricultural biologicals include microorganisms, organic matter, and plant extracts that can be used as pesticides or enhance growth and health of plants. They include microbes (fungi, viruses or bacteria) or biochemicals (plant extracts, growth regulators, minerals, pheromones). 

Biologicals can be further broken into categories according to the impact the products have on plants, like biostimulants, biofungicides, and biocontrols.  

While biologicals may seem like a new term to many, this area of product development is not new to Saskatchewan. In fact, the first phosphorus inoculant was created in Saskatoon over 40 years ago by Philom Bios (acquired by Novozymes in 2007). Philom Bios was one of the first companies that Ag-West Bio invested in and a great example of the innovation that AWB supports. We are thrilled to have Jon Treloar, Technical Agronomist with Novozymes, join us on November 15th for an event called What’s the Buzz on Biologicals to talk about the history of biologicals in Saskatchewan and how the sector has evolved.  

With a global market valued at USD 11.66 Billion in 2022, the biologicals sector is not unique to the Canadian prairies, yet researchers and innovators working in this sector are drawn to our province. Ingrid Fung, Director, Enterprise Operations and Strategy with Greenlight Biosciences will sit alongside Jon to discuss why the company she works for is considering opening a Canadian subsidiary in Saskatoon.  

Ag-West Bio prides itself on creating an environment where our agricultural community can talk about industry trends and hot topics. That is why biological products are the topic of choice at our upcoming Knowledge Farm event on November 15th. Cultured by Ag-West Bio and Innovation Saskatchewan, The Knowledge Farm is Saskatchewan premier forum producing connections that grow innovative ideas in agri-food and bioscience.  

Grab a friend and join a room full of industry innovators to hear all the buzz around biologicals!  


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