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After an oddly mild winter, we had a lion of a start for March (loving the sun today though!). I am hoping the old saying about March and ‘lions and lambs’ holds true.

This is a milestone year for Ag-West Bio!

In 1989 – 35 years ago – Saskatchewan’s bioscience research cluster was just a few buildings, saplings, and big ideas. Ag-West Bio was one of those ideas.

Launched by Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Ag-West Bio’s mandate was to “aid in the commercialization of new biotechnologies, help existing companies grow, and attract new companies to the province” to serve as a champion for the province’s nascent biotechnology industry. (Read more about the history here)

Many staff and board members have served at Ag-West Bio since 1989, and trends and technologies have changed, but certain things remain constant: pride in our province, resourcefulness and creativity, willingness to take on hard work, and a commitment to grow the agri-food sector.

We continue to support Saskatchewan agri-food startups through business advice, pathfinding and funding; to grow the community by creating connections and sharing knowledge; and to spearhead initiatives when we recognize that a piece is missing from the ecosystem puzzle.

Our new video will give you an understanding of our culture and purpose.

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~ Jackie Robin

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