Students from grades 3-6 are being introduced to agriculture this summer at the AgBio Discovery Camps hosted by the College of Agriculture and Biosciences on the University of Saskatchewan campus.

The AgBio Discovery Camps offer a fun, hands-on introduction to modern agriculture for campers from both urban and rural backgrounds. Energetic and educational activities explore various steps along the food production chain from lab, to field, to market, to plate, and promote a positive view of science and learning.

Christine Boyle, one of the camp facilitators, says “We try to make every activity in the camp related to agriculture but still fun and interesting. An excellent example of this is a lemonade sale that we use to explain marketing and ag-business to the campers.”

During the camps, each camper gets a chick and piglet that they have the responsibility of caring for, in order to learn proper grooming, feeding and care methods. 

Eight one-week long camps are offered throughout the summer, with 20 campers participating each week. AgBio camps are available for three age groups: Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6, and Grades 3-6. 


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