To celebrate and promote bioscience innovation in Saskatchewan, Ag-West Bio has developed a series of video vignettes to showcase four of its member companies. The companies are active in a variety of areas: niche-market food products; high-tech farming; water conservation; and sustainable production of bioproducts and energy.

Ag-West Bio Director of Commercialization Brad Bly says these companies are good examples of the innovation that is happening in Saskatchewan’s bioscience sector. “These entrepreneurs never cease to amaze me with their creativity and tenacity. An idea is one thing; working to bring an idea to fruition – filling all the gaps that a start-up company needs to fill in order to become viable – that takes hard work. Saskatchewan has many examples of companies like this, and we are proud to support them with business input, pathfinding and funding.” 

Prester Foods Inc. uses local ingredients to create a variety of vegetable-based products that are high-fibre, high-protein, low-carbohydrate, low-sugar and low-fat – perfect for gluten free, diabetic-friendly and weight-loss diets! Director Angela Oladiwura talks about the company and about the support she received from the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre and Ag-West Bio to help grow the business.

Farm Boys Design Corp designs and manufactures customizable, indoor, automated ecosystems for producing fresh crops anywhere on Earth. Farm Boys system enables food production without the stress farmers typically endure due to unpredictable weather. CEO and President Chad Fischl talks about the company’s goal to make a difference – especially in harsher climates, where producing fresh food is very difficult.

Proteus Waters provides advanced, packaged potable water and sewage treatment systems. Proteus focuses on water recovery and re-use economic business models that also deliver leading edge environmental sustainability, using the best available technologies from around the world. Founder and CEO Jason Tratch talks about the fundamental reasons for creating this company: “If we take care of our water, we’re helping every single person on Earth.”

Titan Clean Energy Projects is making the world a cleaner, better place by converting wood and agricultural residues into renewable biocarbon products. President and CEO Jamie Bakos discusses the company’s philosophy – creating value-added, sustainable products from waste material that can replace petroleum products. Titan’s products include a feed supplement, an odour eliminator, a soil enhancer and activated charcoal for wellness.

Watch the videos: 
Prester Foods Inc. 

Farm Boys Design Corp. 

Proteus Waters

Titan Clean Energy Projects


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