Ag-West Bio is proud to continue our official partnership with Agriculture More Than Ever.

Three years ago we forged a relationship with Ag More Than Ever to help tell the real, positive story of our industry. And we’re thrilled to continue the journey together. Ag More Than Ever is a national, industry-wide cause made up of over 400 partners and 1,500 agvocates, all dedicated to improving perceptions, changing misperceptions and creating positive dialogue about Canadian ag. 

Those of us involved in ag know what a modern, diverse and vital industry we’re in – ag contributes more than $100 billon to the Canadian economy every year and supplies 1 in 8 jobs. As one of the few countries capable of feeding ourselves and contributing to a growing demand for food beyond our border, Canadian ag has both an opportunity and a responsibility to be a positive, global force. 

The future of our industry looks bright, but research tells us that while the general public is more interested in the journey from farm to table than ever, they still carry misperceptions of ag as an antiquated industry with little opportunity. We need to tell the real story of Canadian ag so we can attract the people, investment and consumer confidence needed to grow and flourish. And Ag More Than Ever can help.

How can you get involved?
You’re involvement can start today with a simple commitment to help share positive stories and change the conversation about the industry with friends, family and others. 

Visit and find resources to help you speak up for ag in positive and engaging ways. Add your name to the Ag More Than Ever agvocate list and receive regular tips and tools to help you speak up for ag. 

Join the conversation happening online. Follow @AgMoreThanEver on Twitter and Instagram and “like” the Ag More Than Ever Facebook page to stay up to date on what’s happening with the cause. And when you share positive ag posts, add “#AgMoreThanEver” so we can share them too!

Telling the real story of Canadian ag is all of our responsibility, and Ag-West Bio is thrilled to continue to add our voice to the cause.

Together, we can shape people’s relationship with agriculture, and we can build a brighter future for the industry we all love. 



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