As our guest speaker for the spring 2023 ABIC Speaker Series, Dr. Kevin Folta explored the benefits of biotechnology with The Biotech Explosion: Amazing Innovations in Agriculture and Medicine, explaining how genetic engineering, gene editing and genomics enable scientists to work with nature to create technologies that help society become more environmentally sustainable. He ended his very upbeat presentation by saying he believes “the best is yet to come!”

Kevin is a professor in the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida. His program focuses on the role of light and plant development and the genomics of important fruit traits. He has been recognized with prestigious awards for his science communications efforts, including the CAST Borlaug Award in Agricultural Communications.

Kevin hosts the weekly Science Facts and Fallacies Podcast and the popular Talking Biotech Podcast, among the most downloaded podcasts in iTunes Life Sciences. He and his family also operate a farm in rural Florida, producing fruit, vegetables, eggs and turkeys.


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