Recently, I wrote a letter and created a video to consumers about trying to earn their trust about the products we use on our farm, like glyphosate.

I would like to do a flip and go in the other direction with this one and that’s asking a request to agriculture companies.

So this is to all the ag companies that farmers buy products from to help us grow a crop or raise livestock.

This case in California represents more than glyphosate. It represents all the products that farmers buy from you. Unfortunately, these products now have a target on their back.

We’ve made great strides and have worked hard at building trust over the years. This case also represents that we need to do things differently when it comes to consumer trust. And this isn’t going away. We have effective activist groups with a very strong message and large budgets that are creating fear about the food we produce and that will have lasting impacts at the farm and industry level.

As a farmer, I need your help. We can’t do this alone. I know that farmers are the one of the most trusted professions when it comes to food and I can make a small, but great impact in my one on one conversations by sharing my story.

But I don’t have the means and resources like you to make a larger reach and an impact outside of my ag circles.

I’m asking those in your company: The visionaries, the creatives, the innovators, the communicators and your leaders to help us.

I’m wondering: What could you do more of in certain things, less of in other things and totally different when it comes to public trust?

I don’t know what that looks like but we need to have more conversations collectively and action: between companies, farmers and consumers where we can use the information from a consumer, the trust of the farmer and resources of the industry to help make a larger impact on those who buy food.

Our industry is an amazing one and I want others to know that ag companies too have a face. You are my neighbours, soccer teammates, and my son’s hockey coaches.

We’ve come a long way in ag together and have a great story to share.
We need to do more when it comes to public trust.
We can’t do it without each other.
Please help us be able to share that great story outside of our industry.

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