Saskatoon, SK: The Amazing Biotech Race will be held for the first time on Thursday, September 22nd at Innovation Place.
The goal of this fun event is to help biotech students get into the community and connect with businesses and labs, meet people and learn a bit more about what’s happening in Saskatoon’s bioscience cluster.

Participating companies include NRC-PBI, Saskatchewan Research Council, POS Bio-Sciences, PREVENT, VIDO-InterVac and AdeTherapeutics. The companies serve as checkpoints where student teams take part in lab challenges, answer skill testing questions and gather clues in order to complete the race.

Teams are made up of first and second year SIAST Biotechnology students, as well as high school students in the Bioresource Management program from Evan Hardy and Centennial Collegiates, allowing the younger students to learn from and get to know the older ones. Costumes and general goofiness is mandatory in order to take part. Sponsors for the race are the Canadian Light Source, SREDA and SIAST.

The race starts at Boffins Club, where each team will receive its first clues, then move from one checkpoint to the next, learning about the companies and meeting staff at each organization. The event winds up with a networking event at Boffins.

Amazing Biotech Race Details:
Thursday, Sept. 22
1:30 – 4:00 pm (start and finish at Boffins Club: 106-111 Research Drive)

Ag-West Bio coordinates National Biotech Week activities in Saskatchewan, with an organizing committee made up of bioscience cluster organizations.

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