Biotech Week has gone global! Along with groups across the country and around the world, Saskatchewan is celebrating the first Global Biotech Week.  The Government of Saskatchewan and cities of Regina and Saskatoon have proclaimed September 26th to October 2nd as Biotech Week. The week is an opportunity to celebrate the researchers and entrepreneurs of bioscience in Saskatchewan.

Global Biotech Week events in Saskatchewan are coordinated by Ag-West Bio, with a committee drawn from Saskatchewan’s bioscience organizations.  

Ag-West Bio President and CEO Wilf Keller, says “Biotechnology is an important part of Saskatchewan’s economy, advancing our agriculture, health and environmental sectors. Hardier crops, vaccines, insulin, and bioremediation – even beer making – are made possible thanks to biotechnology. Ag-West Bio has been a proud participant in Biotech Week for many years, and we are thrilled to see it become a global event.”

Saskatoon events include: a kick-off breakfast at Innovation Place, followed by tours of bioscience facilities; Café Sci, a public lecture at Winston’s Pub on how plant proteins can be made into ‘meat’ products; a documentary screening and discussion on social license and agriculture; Trivia Night at Louis’ Pub on the University of Saskatchewan campus; and the 6th annual Amazing Biotech Race at Innovation Place. Ag-West Bio’s Annual Meeting will be held on September 28th with a focus on the science behind beer (one of the oldest products of biotechnology!) and celebrate Saskatchewan’s emerging craft brewing industry. In Regina, the Saskatchewan Science Centre will host a ‘DNA Weekend’ on October 1st and 2nd. 

A full listing of Saskatchewan events can be found below. For details, please visit the event website

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