Revolutionary, international food-innovation companies in Saskatoon, hosted by Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership and Ag-West Bio

Saskatoon, SK: The Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) and Ag-West Bio are welcoming five food innovation companies from South Africa, Argentina, the Netherlands, and Mexico to take part in the Navigate program, starting October 17th.

Navigate is organized by GAAP and supported by Ag-West Bio. The program seeks out cutting-edge technologies from around the world that align with the Canadian agri-food ecosystem.

The companies will spend time with GAAP and its partners across Canada and the US to explore how food and fermentation can achieve a greater level of efficiency, sustainability, and profitability through innovation adoption.

GAAP CEO Jay Robinson says he’s thrilled to be hosting these innovative companies this fall.

“In today’s rapidly growing food industry, food security and streamlined supply chain management are foundational cornerstones for success. Embracing innovation while balancing industry requirements and consumer demands are the key to unlocking the abundant opportunities Canada has on the global food technology stage.

GAAP is excited to host novel food ingredient companies from around the world because we understand that capturing these opportunities in a sustainable and profitable way requires the collaboration of the best and brightest minds. Together, we can mold a future where food innovation not only tantalizes our tastebuds but also nourishes our world, ensuring a bountiful and secure global food landscape.”

Karen Churchill, president and CEO of Ag-West Bio, says “Bringing these diverse food companies together in Saskatoon – the heart of Canada’s agricultural biosciences industry – is an opportunity for growth. We anticipate there will be a lot of ideas and information exchanged. I’m sure their stories will inspire our community. As well, we are excited to show them the world-class infrastructure in our research cluster and explore the potential for collaboration.”

While in Saskatchewan, participants will engage with industry members, researchers, food producers, and other collaborators, and explore how they can fit into Canada’s food ecosystem. GAAP and Ag-West Bio will provide concierge meetings and guided tours of local food and fermentation facilities.

About the companies:

Creative Food Labs
Millions of tons of agricultural waste decays (or is incinerated) every year, leading to massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Creative Food Labs upcycles agricultural waste into xylitol – a natural sugar substitute – through a low-energy fermentation process. Xylitol tastes like sugar but reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity and tooth decay. Joining us from Mexico will be Javier Larragoiti Kuri and Isabella Fernández Klimek.

De Novo Foodlabs Through its proprietary precision fermentation technology, De Novo Foodlabs creates valuable compounds and nutrients that are difficult to obtain through traditional means, such as rare proteins and isolated peptides, without the need for animal agriculture. An example is NanoFerin – a revolutionary, animal-free substitute for lactoferrin (a protein found in a cow’s first milk) which has powerful health benefits. Joining us from South Africa are Leah Bessa and Richard Grieves.

Ergo Bioscience is a biotech startup focused on the production of complex animal proteins through plant cell cultivation with high efficiency, with current cell lines for the expression of myoglobin for use in plant-based meat products, and caseins for use in plant-based dairy products. Joining us from Argentina will be Alejandro Barbarini.

Food4You develops unique bacteria combinations for fermentation that are optimized and quicker than commercial options. The customized bacterial cultures are used to optimize plant ingredient bases for yogurt, cheeses, dips or bean flours. Food4You’s goal is to unlock access to a wider choice of nutritious and robust plant-based food products, using unique starter cultures and probiotics. Joining us from Argentina is Francisco Garbagnoli.

NoPalm Ingredients harnesses fermentation to produce high quality oils and fats from agri-food waste streams, such as potato peels, rejected vegetables or any other biomass that contains either sugar, fatty acids, or alcohols, for use in food, cosmetics, and home care products. Their products are perfect substitutes to palm and other vegetable oils. Joining us from the Netherlands is Allard Langenhuijsen.

If you are interested in meeting with any of these companies, please contact

Grayson Berting

GAAP Marketing and Communications Manager

306 231-6468

About the Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP)

GAAP is a privately run and operated agri-food investment incubator looking for cutting-edge technologies from early and rapid-growth companies seeking to improve efficiency, sustainability and profitability within the global agriculture and food sector.

About Ag-West Bio

Ag-West Bio is Saskatchewan’s bioscience industry association. The company works as a catalyst for industry growth in the bioeconomy through investments, aiding strategic alliances, and providing business planning support, regulatory advice, and communications. Funding for Ag-West Bio is provided by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) program.

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