Ag-West Bio to host Symposium that explores new solutions to age-old agricultural challenges

Saskatoon, SK: Pest control has been a challenge since the beginning of agriculture. In the past few decades, there has been a widespread rally against pesticides. Alternatives are needed to replace pesticides that have been (or will soon be) banned in North America, such as metaldehyde and methyl bromide. The bio-industry has responded by developing products that are more targeted, safer for farmers and less toxic to the environment. 

The 4th International Biofumigation & Biopesticides Symposium in Saskatoon October 18-21, 2011 unveils novel bio-based solutions to combat common agricultural pests, from naturally occurring fungus for weed control and bacteria to combat specific diseases, to protein-based inoculants that trigger a plant’s natural defenses. Many of these technologies would also fulfill the requirements of certified organic farms, to replace some of the less than eco-friendly products currently available.

Presenters and delegates from 14 countries will gather at the Sheraton Cavalier for this four day event, which includes plenary talks, expert presentations, panel discussions, a poster competition and facility tour. Presentations range from technical talks to discussions surrounding regulations, economics and business potential for the industry. 

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