Ag-West Bio hosts its Annual Meeting at Prairieland Park, September 24, 2015. The meeting will be followed by “A Taste of Innovation,” a showcase of food companies and a networking reception.

A special presentation will feature Neal Carter, president of Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF). Carter will tell the story of the development, deregulation and marketing of the company’s nonbrowning Arctic® apple. OSF labs are located in the National Research Council facility in Saskatoon.

Wilf Keller, President and CEO of Ag-West Bio, says scientific research is crucial for moving Saskatchewan’s agriculture industry beyond just exporting commodities.

“Saskatchewan has become very good at growing crops and selling commodities. The next step is to add value to those raw materials through processing. This is in line with the Province of Saskatchewan’s Value-Added Strategy. We are happy to showcase outstanding companies developing innovative food products at this event.”

Bill Greuel, Assistant Deputy Ministry, Regulatory and Innovation for Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture will bring greetings from the Government of Saskatchewan.

Other Saskatchewan food industry players will discuss the process of moving a food product to market. Rick Green, Vice-President Technology at POS Bio-Sciences, and Shannon Hood-Niefer Vice President, Innovation and Technology at the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre, who will talk about their companies’ roles in helping food companies get products ready for market.

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