(Saskatoon, SK) – Plants oils can power jets and offer greener solutions for the automotive industry. These are just a couple of the topics that will be explored at the 6th Plant Bio-Industrial Oils Workshop hosted by Ag-West Bio at the Delta Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon, March 9 -10, 2011.

The two-day agenda covers a variety of themes, from details of new scientific research to the challenges of commercialization.  Eighteen research and industry specialists share the latest information on how bioproducts from plant oils are being applied to a wide range of industries, from aviation to petroleum to the automotive industry. Bio-industrial oils are used to produce earth-friendly plastics, chemicals, fuels and other industrial products, adding value to agriculture in a sustainable manner while reducing dependence on petroleum.

There have been significant advances in the industrial oilseeds sector, with a great deal of research happening in Saskatchewan. New oilseed crops are being developed here specifically for industrial use, such as Brassica carinata (Ethiopian mustard) and Camelina sativa (False flax). Work has been done on biodiesel to reduce production costs and increase performance.

 “We’re pleased that this high-quality workshop is back in Saskatoon,” says Wilf Keller, President and CEO of Ag-West Bio. “As a centre of activity in bio-industrial oils, it makes sense that we would gather leaders from around the globe here, as well as giving our local researchers and entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their innovations. The Plant Bio-Industrial Oils Workshop is also a great opportunity for professional networking.”

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