WS Marketing With Soul


223 Mahabir Court
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7W 0J5

Company Information:

Since 2003, the vision of WS has been to transform agriculture. How a brand, product, or service is marketed has the ability to change how we think about agriculture — and ensure marketing success.

Pairing years of experience with a constant hunger to learn, adapt, and evolve, we’ve ensured that the strategic marketing efforts of our clients are resilient, measurable, and ready for whatever is around the corner. We’ve made it our mission to understand the unique, varied audiences in agriculture better than anyone else.

One of our key strengths lies in our campaign execution capabilities, which span across traditional, digital, programmatic, and social media channels. We understand the evolving landscape of marketing and leverage cutting-edge strategies to ensure maximum reach and engagement for our clients’ campaigns.

With a strong focus on creative development. We have fostered relationships with a diverse network of creative professionals, including photographers, videographers, production companies, printers, and merchandising companies to deliver compelling visual content and engaging brand experiences that resonate with your target audience.

Primary Contact:

Darcy Pawlik
Chief Operations Officer
(306) 361-5667


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