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163 24th Street West
Saskatoon, SK, S6V4M6

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What and Who is QMTI? A large number of commodities are currently processed for oil and meal. When QMT (Quantum Mechanical Technology) is used there is now not two but 3 products harvested. QMT process accelerates the release of a previously unavailable product from the commodity which is the “essence” of life which QMT Inc has labeled “Endo-juice”. Perhaps a more appropriate understanding for this liquid would be gained by labeling it “serum” as it contains the life giving components of the seed or bean. These components in themselves have been shown to be very biologically and nutritionally active and if too much juice is removed the commodity is unable to replicate, so it is the “life essence” of the commodity that is now being recovered. Previously this essence would have been removed and perhaps almost completely destroyed in the current process.  In addition to the discovery of this very valuable nutritionally active component, the constituents of the commodity have changed as well. The end products are now higher in a cleaner oil (with extended shelf life) and meal. The need for aromatic recovery and removal is reduced substantially. This in itself would be of tremendous value to processors.

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Michael Drabiuk

Corporate Contact:

Bang Gong

Corporate Contact:

Ellie Tighe

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Organization Type: Private Sector

Organization Area: Bioproducts and bioprocesses, Biotechnology, Natural health products and functional foods


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