Prairie Tide Diversified Inc.


102 Melville Street
Saskatoon, SK, S7J 0R1

Company Information:

Prairie Tide Diversified Inc. is a natural products company, founded in 2010, and based in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan, Canada). Our research and development team is lead by Dr. Martin Reaney, a world-leading expert of all things flax.
Our goal is to expand the flaxseed grower’s market through the creation of novel and high-value flaxseed products for small and large-scale businesses that outperform their conventional counterparts, and which offer innovative health benefits to consumers. Our products include clean label food ingredients such as thickeners and egg replacement products; gluten-free flour and snack products; nutritional supplements such as dietary fibre, Omega-3 rich flaxseed oils, and concentrated lignan; and, also specialized bioactive cyclic peptides for health and cosmetic markets. Prairie Tide sources and selects the highest quality and varieties of flaxseed from Western Canada, ensuring consistent and superior flaxseed in all products.
In addition to the development and commercialization of value-added flax-based products Prairie Tide offers an expansive array of analytical tools and techniques for the oil seed and agriculture/food industries

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Organization Type: Private Sector

Organization Area: Bioproducts and bioprocesses


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