NRGene Canada Inc.


101-110 Research Drive
Saskatoon, SK, S7N3R3

Company Information:

NRGene Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of NRGene Ltd., an Israeli based company that develops and provides AI based genomic solutions to leading breeding companies and Academia. At NRGene Canada we conduct genomic and molecular breeding research with a focus on developing genotyping and imputation capabilities in Canadian crops and various species. This research is assisting our partners to develop elite species with better disease resistance, higher yielding crops and other enhanced traits through molecular breeding processes. Successful development of IP and elite crops by Canada based institutions will create a competitive edge to Canada’s agriculture economy, support local job creation, and increase food security in the world.

Primary Contact:

Masood Rizvi
General Manager

Corporate Contact:

Gil Ronen
Founder and CEO

Corporate Contact:

Ehud (Udi) Belder

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