Carzan Local Meats


355 Highway 6
Southey, Saskatchewan, PO Box 692

Company Information:

Carzan Local Meats is the culmination of a dream rooted in the rural landscapes of Saskatchewan, brought to life by the visionaries Carter and Carmen. Growing up in the heart of farm life, Carter’s early dream of establishing an abattoir and market store took a detour, leading him to cultivate a successful beef sales operation for over eight years. The demand for farm-fresh produce and other local delights from his customers fueled his entrepreneurial spirit.

Simultaneously, Carmen, dealing with health challenges, found solace and healing in a return to simple, locally sourced ingredients. As an entrepreneur with agricultural roots, she envisioned a place that not only embraced her community but also offered healthier, simpler ingredients to those seeking a holistic approach to their well-being.

Their paths converged during the Covid quarantine when they finally had the time to bring their shared dream to fruition. The result was the birth of Carzan Local Market, which over time evolved into Carzan Local Meats, with a particular emphasis on high-quality beef, pork, and poultry. Their Grass Fed Beef Jerky gained widespread acclaim, prompting them to focus their efforts on this exceptional product, leading to expansion across Saskatchewan and a gradual move into Manitoba and Alberta. Carzan Local Meats stands as a testament to the duo’s commitment to simplifying food choices, fostering connections with local producers, and providing customers with top-notch, natural products – a journey that continues to unfold with each passing day.

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Carter Bezan

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