The following is a list of agtech companies with significant digital technology in their product offerings.*

Farm Management Software


Farm management software designed to help agribusiness professionals track and analyze cropping and farm management decisions. Founded in 2009.

CropPro Consulting and

Digital technology that syncs producers’ records and maps to agrologists for tailored client consultancy. Desktop software to create reports, manage input application logistics, create recommendations, import soil and tissue tests, and manage variable-rate fertilizer and seed prescriptions. A mobile app assists with field scouting, crop management, logistics planning and allows multiple users to sync an entire farm’s data. Founded in 2003.


CXN360 Ag Exchange Group

An online, membership-based marketplace that provides growers and buyers with a commodity-trading and inventory platform. Founded in 2013.

Sensors, Monitors and Inventory Control and Management

Adaptive Agriculture

Grain drying system that works with a conventional heater, complemented by an internet enabled control system with a thermostat with humidity, temperature, and static pressure sensors, coupled with grain cable monitoring all in one unit. Founded in 2018.


Control and data management solutions for farm operations. Tablet and smartphone-based equipment to monitor grain and livestock. Founded in 2012.


Retrofit yield monitors the user can install quickly on any combine. A mobile app displays live harvest data and uploads automatically to a web-platform. Founded in 2015.

IntraGrain Technologies (a division of Calian Group)

Grain storage, monitoring, control and management solutions with connection to tablet, smartphone and computer. Founded in 2011.

Krypto Blockchain Solutions Inc.

Blockchain technology specialists with expertise in life-science and financial service industries, with growing traction in providing technology and services to the agricultural value chain.

North Star Systems

Tattle Systems maximize use of new innovative IoT and M2M technologies with a focus on real-time controlled remote monitoring for various liquid and pressure vessel tanks, and customized solutions such as GPS tracking and dry product monitoring. Founded in 2015.


Wireless communication remote monitoring, sensing and control, and security solutions for farm-wide connectivity, and physical control of commodities. And an automated grain sampling system that  provides completely accurate representative samples, with grain data analytics, cloud and smart phone digitization, and value optimization software. Founded in 2015.

Precision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

Agtron Enterprises

Design and manufacture of agricultural electronics monitoring and production products for grains storage and seeding, such as variable rate seed and fertilizer application, and various input usage monitoring products. Founded in 1982.

Echelon (Nutrien Ag Solutions)

A precision planting and fertilization variable rate technology platform for seeding and nutrient prescriptions for each field (or within acre). The platform offers full farm management, variable rate services, data management and hands-on support using over 10 years of satellite imagery for a solid understanding of soil history. Founded in 2007 as a division of Agrium Inc.

FieldAlytics Solutions Canada

A suite of cloud-based, geo-spatial tools to manage every aspect of agricultural production, including geo-spatial data, zone creation and fertility planning, creation of corresponding financial decision-making analyzers, HR and work flow planning and monitoring, and climate condition monitoring. Direct connectivity to John Deere operation centers and many other wireless data services. Founded in 2017 by the developers of FieldSmart.

FieldSmart (through Western Sales Ltd)

A comprehensive agronomic program of full-line support for farmers practicing precision agriculture, using data management, field zoning, crop input prescriptions, and crop scouting. FieldSmart Agronomists use a suite of tools: Smart Data, Smart Zoning, Smart Soil, Smart Rx, and Smart Scouting.  |   westernagresearchproject

First Pass

Proprietary algorithms and machine learning to optimize route selection for in-field equipment operations. Integrates into existing, embedded guidance hardware supplied by the equipment manufacturers (no need for new guidance hardware or equipment) which results in field cost savings. Founded in 2012.

SeedHawk (now owned by Vaderstad Industries of Sweden)

Design and manufacture of precision seeding equipment, products and systems, including electronic and wireless innovations to monitor and control precision seeding operations. Founded in 1992.

SeedMaster Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of precision seeding equipment, products and systems, including an electronic tablet to monitor and control all precision seeding operations. Founded in 1991.

Robotics and Drones

DOT Technology Corp

Design and manufacture of autonomous agricultural production machines and systems. First product is the DOT Power Platform, a diesel-powered, hydraulically driven platform with remote and autonomous programable operation. DOT is an affiliate of SeedMaster Inc., founded in 1991.

Plant Data and Analysis

Quantum Genetix

A pioneer in applying genetic information to livestock management, Quantum diversified to crop testing in 2009 and achieved ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for detection of Triffid Flax in 2011; now expanded into digital tools that assess crop diseases and help farmers make management decisions. Founded in 2003.

Animal Data and Analysis

KYA Technologies

An electronic animal monitoring platform that uses GPS positioning and gyroscope analysis to detect location, position and activity of herd animals. This data, along with data about animal physiological characteristics, is sent to a cloud-based central monitoring system for user access. Founded in 2017.

Quantum Genetix

A pioneer in applying genetic information to livestock management, starting in 2003. DNA testing for farmers, by farmers. Customer-driven demand to develop new technologies for the farm, coupled with user-friendly digital applications to increase effectiveness.

Telltale Innovations

First technology is a biometric tool for swine heart rate variability monitoring. Founded in 2016 as a Capstone Engineering project at the University of Saskatchewan.

Honorable Mentions

Agremote Design and Manufacture

Designs and manufactures electronic remote-control grain handling and safety devices.

Draganfly Innovations

An early pioneer developer of drone solutions in multiple industries (no application or marketing specific to the agriculture industry). Founded in 1998. Acquired by Trace Live Networks of California.

Edge Agro

Designs and manufactures wireless remote operated grain handling equipment and motors. Founded in 2015.

Farm At Hand

Cloud-based mobile app to help producers maintain field records while tracking equipment, grain inventory and sales. Founded in 2012. Merged with Winnipeg’s FarmLink Marketing Solutions in 2015. Now based in Vancouver.


Global, online grain marketplace and network, giving farmers access to a wealth of buyers and information online to garner the best prices possible for their grain. Founded in 2013. Office now based in Ottawa.

Harvita Ag

Using AI, precision agriculture, data science, and digital technologies to build an interactive software multiplatform to help grower’s harvest profitability, world environmental sustainability, and consumer health. Founded in 2019.

ISM Canada

(a subsidiary of IBM Canada): a leading market provider of innovative IT business solutions, big data analytics / data mining, cloud computing, smart mobile solutions and IT strategy. Formed in 1991.

Kelln Solar

Designs and manufactures solar and alternative energy products for agricultural, commercial and residential applications. Founded in 1981.

Kramble Industries (formerly Brehon Agrisystems)

Designs and manufactures electronic agricultural radio control systems and monitors for grain handling, farm safety and other items. Founded in 1981.


Develops and employs precision AI to solve key agricultural problems – the first in development being overuse of chemical spray. AI is used to identify weeds; then drones are employed to spray only the weeds, rather than broadcast spray over the entire crop. Founded in 2018.

Solido Design Automation (Mentor, a Siemens AG business)

Advanced variation-aware design and characterization software powered by proprietary, machine learning technologies. Used by most of the top 40 semiconductor companies and thousands of designers worldwide. Founded in 2005.

*Excludes agricultural manufacturers and bioscience companies that do not have significant digital and software technology in their product offerings

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