Past investee

Bioriginal Food & Science Corp received financing from Ag-West Bio for the development of new varieties of plants which could be used in nutraceutical products. Today the company is a global leader in delivering complete nutritional solutions to the Food and Nutriceutical industries. Headquartered in Saskatoon, Biorginal has facilities throughout the USA, Europe and Asia, and is the Human Nutrition Division of Omega Protein Corporation.

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mcn bioproducts inc

MCN Bioproducts Inc.

Past investee

A University of Saskatchewan spin-off company, MCN Bioproducts received financing for proof of concept and technology scale-up for fractionation of canola white flake to produce protein concentrate and other high-value products. In 2012 the company sold its technology assets to Bunge Limited.

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Past Investee

Ag-West Bio provided MicroBio RhizoGen with financing for commercial proof of concept and scale-up of a granular legume inoculant facilty and other pre-commercialization activities. These low cost, environmentally friendly inoculants were an alternative to synthetic fertilizers. The company was bought by Becker Underwood in 2000.

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Northern Quinoa Corporation

Past investee

Northern Quinoa Corporation (NQC) is a Saskatchewan company, incorporated in 1994. The company was started by a group of producers and businessmen as a way to diversify from traditional crops. Quinoa is a pseudocereal that is gluten free and has high nutrient value. In 2012 the company’s processing facility re-located to Saskatoon to better meet a growing demand for Canadian Quinoa. NQC also handles pulses, cereals, oilseeds and some spices.

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Nutriati Food Solutions

Past investee

Nutriati’s Product Platform Strategy is focused on the research, development and commercialization of innovative, best-in-class plant-based ingredients. Nutriati’s mission is to improve the quality of the food supply with healthier, better tasting options for consumers.

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Open Mind Developments

Past investee

Open Mind Developments (OMD) provides innovative alternatives to conventional products, for example, an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional non-renewable crude oil-based plastic. OMD’s team continually questions the status quo and develops creative solutions to make things better. Just because something has been done one way in the past, doesn’t mean that it is the best way.

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philom bio

Philom Bios

Past investee

Founded in 1980, Philom Bios Inc. developed the world’s first combination phosphate and nitrogen inoculant for pulse crops. The high-value microbial inoculants increase farmers’ profits by enhancing the fertility efficiency of crops on and environmentally benign way. In 2007, the company was sold to Novozymes BioAg Ltd. and continues to operate in Saskatoon, SK.

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prairie berries

Prairie Berries

Past investee

Prairie Berries received Ag-West Bio financing to advance value-added products and production methods, and high value food ingredients/extracts for niche international markets and partnerships. Established in 2000, Prairie Berries is considered a leader in the Saskatchewan fruit industry, utilizing many partnerships to advance the research and commercial potential of the saskatoon berry industry.

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prairie plant systems

Prairie Plant Systems Inc.

Past investee

Prairie Plant Systems Inc. (PPS) was established in 1988. Early research concentrated on micropropogation protocols and in-vitro rooting technologies for saskatoon berry trees, expanding to other varieties. Ag-West Bio provided financing for development of specialized plants for mine site re-vegetation. PPS established a growth chamber in a mine in Flin Flon, MB, which led to a contract with Health Canada for the cultivation of medical marijuana.

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The Saskatoon Colostrum Company

Past investee

The Saskatoon Colostrum Co. Ltd. (SCCL) was formed in the mid 1990s as a spin-off from research conducted at The Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the U of S. The company developed ways and means of collecting, processing and marketing excess dairy colostrum as high quality and effective colostrum products, for both animal and human health.

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Titan Clean Energy Projects

Past investee

Titan Clean Energy Projects was established in 2006. The company develops ways to produce clean energy sources and carbon-smart products by turning underutilized biomass into value-added products, like heating briquettes, absorbents, compost, biochar and syngas. Titan’s projects deliver clean biomass energy, fuels, and bioproducts to the Canadian marketplace.

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