Tobi Oyedele

Business Development Intern

Tobi Oyedele’s upbringing on a family animal farm provided her with invaluable hands-on experience in rearing pigs, poultry, snails and raising fish. This early involvement ignited her passion for agriculture, pushing her to eventually take on the challenge of managing the whole farm and delving into the field of agricultural economics and extension. Tobi’s thirst for knowledge did not stop there; during her university years she discovered her fascination for Communications, leading her to pursue further studies in the subject. With a wealth of experience spanning across multiple industries and locations, Tobi generously donates her spare time to volunteering for non-profits like Dress for Success, Saskatoon and the Saskatoon Food bank, demonstrating her commitment to others and making an impact.

Tobi will be providing support in facilitating leading edge events, programs, marketing and communications for individuals, businesses and stakeholders in the agricultural and food bioscience space at Ag-West Bio.