Jay Robinson

Chief Operating Officer

Jay brings exceptional experience to his role as Chief Operating Officer for Ag-West Bio.

After graduating from University, Jay began his career holding positions within both government and private sector organizations focused on socio-economic and environmental impact assessments for areas throughout the Americas.

In 2007, Jay become Founder of BioFume Technologies, a company developing innovative solutions to prevent food waste and increase food safety, eventually licensing the technology to a private corporation. Upon moving to Saskatchewan, Jay founded a company focused on developing value-added environmentally friendly crop protection products, a company now listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange with a valuation of over $80M at the time of writing (CNSX:MGRO).

From 2012 to 2020, Jay became the CEO of AgPharm Consulting, which provided investment, consulting and guidance to start-up, growth stage and multi-national companies.

During this time, in 2015, Jay invested in a novel RNAi herbicide technology company STEM SHOCK and took an active position on the board of directors where he worked to secure additional capital and spearhead strategy and business development. These activities lead to the companies successfully acquisition by Terramera in 2019. In 2016, Jay also took on the global position of Commercial Director for Lallemand (a multi-national food and plant care company of 4,500 employees) after an extended consulting role with the organization. Here Jay worked to implement strategies that facilitated innovation and international business growth, with an emphasis on specialty products.

In 2018, Jay held the roles of the Director of Global Strategy and Business Development and board advisor for Pathway Biologic, a novel microbial growth stage company located in the USA. In this position Jay worked with executive management and the board of directors to lead the company through a phase of expansion, growth and redevelopment, efforts that helped prepare the company for its 2020 acquisition by Plant Response, a newly formed spinout of Koch Industries (America’s largest private corporation).

In 2019, Jay acquired full ownership and management of Peacock Industries a 35-year-old manufacturer of crop protection products, with markets across Canada, the US & Latin America. Here Jay works with his team to continue to develop novel and innovative technologies to meet the needs of the corporation’s partners and customers.

In addition to his professional career, Jay has also served as a board director and special advisor to Saskatchewan Food Industry Development CentreStem Shock, Future Farms Facilitatorand Pathway BioLogicas well as acting as a Youth Pastor at Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church. Passionate about entrepreneurship, agriculture and youth, Jay is always looking to support these sectors and its future leaders through mentorship investment and support.


Jay Robinson