Nevine Booth

Federated Co-operatives Limited Institute

Nevine’s multidisciplinary background allows her to be an effective business strategist; conveying a complete picture of the ever-changing marketplace, creating strategies to achieve desired growth, and designing performance-oriented planning programs. The dynamic part of any strategy is that it is fundamentally a creative process. It cannot be programmed or systematized.

She loves dealing with complex issues and has a natural ability to synthesize huge amounts of disparate information into a focused and clear picture. Her pragmatic and collaborative approach helps her resolve conflict, bring teams together, negotiate with governments/stakeholders, and drive key organizational initiatives.

Today, she works with senior executives and boards to provide context, market intelligence and data to set the future course of their companies. She also works on cross-functional teams focused on growth initiatives. Nevine has helped launch a new business, develop strategies leading to a major acquisition, create an in-house intelligence program from the ground up, and communicate strategic messages to investors and staff alike.

She is particularly fascinated to find ways to improve project models and derive value from mergers and acquisitions.

Nevine is known for the high quality of her work, her passion for research and analysis, and thoughtful consideration of key issues that help organizations realize their goals.