Beyond Entrepreneurship: Building an Agri-Value Business

Beyond Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneur training program developed and managed by Ag-West Bio through the ABIC Foundation. The program includes in-depth learning modules, workshops, coaching and consultation, all designed to grow your agri-value business.

Topics covered:

  • Business planning
  • Business leadership
  • Strategic and online communication
  • Marketing, sales and brand assessment
  • Financing for growth
  • Human resources

Programming is based on Ag-West Bio’s assessment of industry needs and trends and changes to meet the requirements of start-ups and growing companies in our industry.

Module 1 – Building a Winning Plan: Agricultural Processing Business Plan Training
A one-week (40 hours) intensive training program for new entrepreneurs in the agricultural value-added processing sector focused on manufacturing ingredients for food, feed, and health markets.

Take your great idea to the next level and plan for success!
This training program is for new entrepreneurs in the agricultural value-added processing sector focused on manufacturing ingredients for food, feed, and health markets.
* This course is not designed for existing food brand companies already selling market products. If you are in this category, please go to Module 2: Building Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurs in early stages of developing their businesses – from ideation, planning and feasibility, or pre-revenue and market entry – will benefit from this course.
The program includes 40 hours of course material, with follow-up input from instructors.

  • Day 1: Ideation fundamentals, assessing feasibility, and communicating your plan
  • Day 2: Creating a Strong Company
  • Day 3: Understanding Financial Statements – what do they tell you? (NOT an accounting class)
  • Day 4: Financial Statement Keys and Ratios, and Introduction to Business Modeling
  • Day 5: Develop an initial Business Plan with Impact!

Communicate your idea, understand financials, and build a winning company!

Module 2 – Building Entrepreneurial Leadership

This six-month training program is designed to help Saskatchewan-based agri-food entrepreneurs with established companies (2 years or more) to grow a resilient company that’s capable of responding to change.

Take the leader’s approach to business growth
Get expert guidance, skills and resources that will support your business through these uncertain times.

Here’s what’s included:
– Access to current industry insight and how to use it effectively as a company leader
– Personalized, one-on-one coaching/mentoring that addresses your specific business challenges
– Guided learning over six months to fully understand the ‘new normal’ and confidently integrate this knowledge into your strategic plan
– Professional level online resources available 24/7

  • Workshop 1: Towards Business Leadership
  • Workshop 2: Sales and Brand Assessment
  • Workshop 3: Financing for Growth
  • Workshop 4: Human Resources and Negotiation
  • Workshop 5: Success in Changing Times

Executive-level guidance and support so you can move your business forward.

ABIC’s Beyond Entrepreneurship training programs are managed by Ag-West Bio.