By Jason Tratch, CEO Galex Group

Amazing problem solving & innovation come from increased blood flow & relaxed environments.  Do it today, implement a mandatory "Walking Meeting" for all managers/leaders.  Best practice examples:

– Start with minimum of once per week 

– Does not have to be far or fancy, has to be outside the office

– Have an agenda and a clear start and end time

– Keep the number of people small

– Be aware of speed (slow down)

– All people carry a pen/paper or smart phone device (record notes, comments, issues, actions, decisions, ideas, etc.)

– Track it, ask for feedback and evolve

Then watch the benefits grow.  Business, personal, health, etc.

At NexLev we ask all managers to do a weekly walking meeting.  Can be a one-on-one, or can be a team meeting. Companies like Google and CEOs like Steve Jobs are tremendous advocates of these. 

Why not, it just makes sense.  Example:

– physiologically the human brain functions better when walking vs sitting

– sitting at a desk all day is bad for ergonomics

– best ideas are proven to not come from an office or a desk

– people are happier when doing things a little different (meetings at too often around a table)

– fresh air and being outside is more natural for humans

– etc.  

I just had my walking meeting which was a phone call (so by myself). Here are a few pics of what I walked by:


These images directly impacted how I relaxed while trying to problem solve to a "win – win" solution.  I wanted to stay out and during the call we took a yield-yield solution and turned it into a win-win (otherwise I would have accepted the yield-yield – a great investment of my time).

Take a look on the web to see all the supporting info for walking meetings. Here are a few links that are related:

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This article was first posted on Jason Tratch's blog. Check out Jason's website here. Republished with permission from the author.




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