by Raymond Deschamps, Stratex 

Does your team implement strategies effectively? 
Are your projects as successful as you’d like?
If not, you’re not alone …

For many organizations, a strategy sets the direction and scope over the long term, and includes goals and objectives to be achieved through change initiatives, projects, programs or action plans. Your strategy may include developing a new technology; connecting with potential partners or collaborators; or, securing new or better sources of funding or in-kind support.

Recent global research across a broad range of industries revealed some interesting results concerning the implementation of strategic initiatives:

  • 88% of executives say that strategy implementation is important to their organization.
  • 61% acknowledge that their organization sometimes struggle with strategy implementation, with only 9% rating themselves as excellent in successfully executing initiatives to deliver strategic results.
  • Consequently, only 56% of strategic initiatives achieve their intended business goals.


The good news? You can improve the situation with modest changes.

While the success rate of strategic initiatives will never hit 100%, research shows that a few key factors significantly improve an organization's chances:

  • Ensuring that initiatives are aligned with the organization's strategy.
  • Effective project, program and portfolio management.
  • Benefits realization (i.e. the practice of ensuring that the outcome of a project produces the intended benefits).


As a seasoned project management professional with a background in science and agriculture, I am interested in collecting insights from the biosciences community. What practices are in place at your organization? What are your thoughts regarding your organization’s strategy implementation performance?

I would appreciate your help: Please complete the following survey on or before June 30, 2015.

It should require no more than 20 minutes of your time. In return, I will share the results of this study with you – preserving confidentiality of course. If you’re interested, I am also offering a complimentary follow-up consultation where we can discuss your team’s situation (see the final question set for more on this).

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