February 27-28, 2013 TCU Place Saskatoon, SK

The Summit provides a forum to discuss the local food economy, access to locally produced food and Saskatchewan food security issues, in a globalized market. The 1st Saskatchewan Food Summit attracted 150 delegates from across the U of S campus, provincial and municipal governments, industry and NGO’s. The 2nd SK Food Summit again provides an important forum for discussion and follows one of the main recommendations of the previous Summit – that policy issues are critical to making meaningful progress. The 2nd Saskatchewan Food Summit theme is:

Building Sustainable Food Systems, Towards Policy and Action”

  An exciting list of keynote speakers from across Saskatchewan and Canada, as well as summit participants will generate valuable outcomes from the Summit in the form of suggested solutions to barriers and paths to capturing opportunities through facilitated break-out sessions to address our 2nd SK Food Summit theme.

Progress since the 1st Saskatchewan Food Summit will also be presented through specific Case Studies

  • Policy and the food system panel: an analysis of policy effects on shaping a sustainable food system
  • Designing a sustainable food system: key considerations in shaping a food system for the 21st century
  • Global perspectives in advancing food security
  • Building food secure communities
  • Distribution: building a start-up distribution system for small producers
  • Health and food safety: addressing the regulatory barriers
  • First Nations and Métis Peoples and potential for local food production; strategies and initiatives
  • Land use planning and food production: three models from Saskatchewan, Ontario and Alberta
  • Saskatoon Regional Food System Project

Join the Saskatchewan Food Summit on February 27 and 28, 2013 and help author the future of our sustainable food system! Visit the event website  


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