Feeds Innovation Institute, University of Saskatchewan

The Feeds Innovation Institute is a research and development service dedicated to capturing economic opportunities in the domestic feed value chain and mandated to draw together a wide cross-section of scientific disciplines and industry interests focused on feed product development. It brings together three stakeholder groups – the U of S, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, and the feed and livestock industry – to provide industry acumen, research and development capability, proactive solutions, organization development, an extensive resource and a knowledge base to capture opportunities in an increasingly sophisticated and demanding animal feedstuffs world market. The Feeds Innovation Institute operates as the contract research service of the Canadian Feed Research Centre.


  • Nutritional chemistry
  • Animal feed development and evaluation
  • Product development
  • Feed processing
  • CFIA feed registration
  • Regulatory advisement


Name: Sean Thompson

Website: Feeds Innovation Institute, University of Saskatchewan

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Saskatoon,  SK S7N 5A8